10th empathy conference

In times of crisis, empathy could play a key role in coping with states of emergency, both mental and physical. Nursing professions in medicine and nursing are becoming increasingly important. Empathy and compassion could form the emotional backbone of a civil society that makes its capacity for empathy socially visible.

But what if empathy comes under pressure? Is it enough to experience it, to train it, or is it threatened by violence and lack of empathy?

Prof. Tania Singer, neurologist and scientific director of Social Neuroscience, MPG Berlin
Prof. Edgar Grande, Political Scientist and Director of the Center for Civil Society Research, WZB Berlin
Dr. Nahlah Saimeh, forensic psychiatrist, psychotherapist and consultant, Düsseldorf
Dr. Monika Hauser, physician and gynaecologist, founder of medica mondiale and winner of the Alternative Nobel Prize (2008)


10:00 am - Tania Singe

The neurobiology of empathy and compassion

11:30 am - Edgar Grand

How much empathy does civil society need?

13:00 - Lunch break

2:15 pm - Nahlah Saime

Lack of empathy? An expression of a deficient personality structure?

15:30 pm - Monika Hause

From compassion to solidarity: The agents of empathy.

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Date: 24.10.2020

Time: 10:00


Empathy under pressure?

How we experience empathy in crises and conflicts