11th Empathy Conference

Already last year it was shown that there are links between empathy and social cohesion.
Without understanding or commitment to others, crisis management cannot succeed. Stress and crises challenge the care work on a small scale and the integration capacity of an entire society on a large scale.

How can social cohesion succeed? How important are contact and encounter? What roles do empathy and compassion play?

Prof. Dr. Reinhard Haller, psychiatrist, neurologist, psychotherapist and author of books such as The Power of Offending (2015), The Power of Appreciation (2019) or Revenge (2021), Feldkirch in Austria.
Prof. Svenja Taubner, director of the Institute for Psychosocial Prevention, University of Heidelberg, Germany
Ahmad Mansour, psychologist, author and managing director of the Mansour Initiative for Democracy Promotion and Extremism Prevention (MIND), Berlin
Rebecca Freitag, Ambassador for the Rights of Young Generations, Board Member of BUND and former UN Youth Delegate for Sustainable Development

Prof. Dr. Andreas Zick
, social psychologist and head of the Institute for Interdisciplinary Research on Conflict and Violence, University of Bielefeld

Further participants and the specific times will be announced shortly.

In the context of the International Science Festival - Geist Heidelberg

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Date: 23.10.2021

Time: 10:00


Empathy and cohesion

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Conference Geist Heidelberg

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