Crisis creates knowledge

The Corona pandemic is a collective stroke of fate. Science and modern medicine have contributed to the introduction of preventive measures to combat the virus and have enabled society to react proactively.

Does science allow for better risk assessment? How does it contribute to decision-making? Will the experience with Covid-19 enable us to better face future pandemics?

Prof. Lothar Wieler, microbiologist, veterinarian and president of the Robert Koch Institute, Berlin
Prof. Gerd Antes, statistician and mathematician, former Director Cochrane Germany, Freiburg
Dr Ina Knobloch, biologist, filmmaker and author of Shutdown. From the Corona Crisis to the Pandemic of the Century (2020)

Moderation: Lisa Weitemeier, science journalist and WDR editor ("Quarks")

The event will only take place as a free online event on YouTube livestream.
Here you can go directly to the livestream: bit .ly/GH_Stream_Knowledge

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Date: 29.10.2020

Time: 20:00


Strengthened by pandemics?