Daniel Shechtman

“Danny Shechtman talks a lot of nonsense. There are no quasi-crystals, only quasi-scientists.”

That was the opinion of Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling about Daniel Shechtman. Even the leader of Shechtman’s research group was harsh in his criticism of him and wanted him to leave the team.

But Shechtman would not be diverted from his path, and held tight to his convictions despite fierce resistance. During the following years, the quasi-crystals he discovered became the centre of one of the most intense disputes among the younger generation of scientists. This ended with the death of Pauling in 1994, from which point Shechtman recovered his reputation and went on to receive many prestigious prizes, including the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 2011.

Daniel Shechtman is Professor at the Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa and researches at the Louis Edelstein Center, as well as the Wolfson Center, of which he is the president.


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Date: 09.12.2016

Time: 20:00


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