David Gross

In the quest for a world formula, that is a formula for everything, string theory and super symmetry (Susy) were expected to lead to great things. After years of only modest success physicists now believe they’re back on track, heading for something great - they’re convinced that string theory is the basis for the long sought-after world formula. As David Gross says, “Even if the string theory itself is not the final theory, then it is at least a huge step in the right direction.”

In 2004, together with Frank Wilczeck and Physicist David Politzer, Gross was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics for his discovery of asymptotic freedom in the theory of the strong interaction.

Prof. Gross, born in 1941, completed his doctorate at the Univeristy of California, Berkeley, and has carried out research at Harvard and at CERN. He lectured at Princeton University from 1969 until 1996. He is currently Professor for Theoretical Physics at the University of California.

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Date: 06.12.2015

Time: 17:00


Stringtheorie, Super• String Theory, Super Symmetry and Multiversumsymmetrie und Multiversum

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