Food War

Many of our foods are globalised and highly processed industrial products
industrial products are only a shadow of their former selves. Their development is preceded by tricky marketing strategies, research in the service of the profit interests of large corporations and lobby groups, but hardly ever health, sustainable development or the common good for a prosperous coexistence.

Only an unbiased, critical look behind the scenes of the system makes clear what social burdens result from it: socio-economic, health-related and political. Are there simple alternatives and ways out? Can self-determination, democratic participation and enjoyment of food ever become normality?

Dr. Hans-Ulrich Grimm is a journalist and author and runs the information and education portal Dr. Watson - The Food Detective.

As part of the series Heidelberg Kocht!

As part of the International Science Festival - Geist Heidelberg

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Date: 20.11.2021

Time: 14:00


Behind the scenes of the food industry

Hans-Ulrich Grimm

Unfortunately, the event has to be cancelled. Purchased single tickets for the event as well as day and combination tickets, can be returned at the house (2nd floor); Mon-Fri 1-6pm or serve as admission for the event "Saturday, 20.11.2021, 16:00 - David Höner & Roos Gerritsen - No Weapons in the Restaurant!"