Gaspard Koenig

What are the social implications of a technological revolution that spans the globe and affects all facets of our coexistence? What about the future in the age of artificial intelligence?
Algorithms simplify our lives, but they are also addictive and manipulate us. They analyse our behaviour, personalise recommendations, direct our attention and confront us with very fundamental questions such as: Will a computer take over my job? Who is liable for the machine's decisions?

In search of answers, Gaspard Koenig embarks on a journey around the world. In more than 120 interviews, he explores artificial and human intelligence. He explores what threatens free will and the values of the Enlightenment, and outlines a politics that can meet the end of the individual.

Gaspard Koenig, born in 1982, is a philosopher and essayist. In 2013, he founded the think tank Génération Libre. Following in Montaigne's footsteps, he travelled 2,500 km on horseback in search of European humanism.

Talk: Mathias Greffrath, writer and journalist

Language: English

In the framework of theInternational Science Festival - Geist Heidelberg

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Date: 17.10.2021

Time: 17:00


The end of the individual

A philosopher's journey into the world of artificial intelligence