Martin Walker

Martin Walker creates a picture of Germany in 2064: Hi-tech cities under state control oppose independent nature communes. Epidemics are increasing in number, but bacteria have become multi-resistant. Machines and robots are becoming more and more independent and, “work” for the military…

Walker’s writing takes issues which are of immediate importance today and further develops them. The investigator’s closest co-worker? A robot. But can it still be trusted since his last update?

Martin Walker, born in Scotland in 1947 worked as a political journalist for the Guardian newspaper for 25 years. He is a member of the think tank, Global Business Policy Council, and the consultancy business, A. T. Kearney, which together with German businesses and politicians, has developed numerous future scenarios. Walker lives in Washington and in the Périgord.

Language: English

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Date: 28.10.2015

Time: 20:00


Germany 2064