On the edge?

A tipping point changes everything! What is called a tipping point in terms of democracy, economy, culture or environment could be more than a metaphor of radical, unpredictable change.

When do cultures, governments or the mood in the media tip over? Are there tipping points in nature that can be proven evolutionarily? Does the talk of tipping points remain more of a rhetorical device or does it refer to concrete constellations?

Prof. Axel Meyer, evolutionary biologist, University of Constance
Prof. Maren Urner, media psychologist and journalist, HMKW Cologne
Moderation: Melanie Mühl, journalist in the FAZ Feuilleton and author of Mitfühlen (2018)

Prof. Claus Leggewie unfortunately had to cancel at short notice.

The event will only take place as a free online event in the YouTube livestream.
Here is the direct link to the livestream: bit .ly/GH_Stream_TippingPoints

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Date: 22.10.2020

Time: 20:00


Tipping Points beyond the metaphor