Out of your mind?

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We perceive the world with all our senses, but can we also rely on them?
How realistic can our sensory impression be?

After all, sensory processes - whether smell, taste or hearing - are complicated and are strongly influenced by audiovisual media.
Are we rich in charms but poor in senses? How impressionable is our sensory perception? How sensual can we be?
Do we still perceive - or are we already out of our senses?

Rüdiger Braun, science journalist, former chief editor of the science magazine MaxPlanckForschung and author of Unsere 7 Sinne. The keys to the psyche (2019)
Dr. Heike Melzer, neurologist, psychotherapist and author of Scharfstellung (2018)

Moderation: Joachim Müller-Jung, FAZ Science

As part of the International Science Festival - Geist Heidelberg.

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Date: 12.11.2020

Time: 20:00


Sensory perception between construction and consumption