Reiner Klingholz

Mankind has been tremendously successful. No species has shaped the planet like they have. But the Anthropocene has come at a high price. The Earth has long been groaning under the weight of nearly eight billion people and the consequences of their actions: climate change, pollution, species extinction, and new infectious diseases threaten all our lives and those of future generations.
High time, then, to tell our success story differently!

Our world is overpopulated in two senses: in the rich countries we consume too many raw materials, in the poor parts of the world too many people live in misery. Wouldn't it make sense to simply decimate humanity?

Reiner Klingholz presents alternative scenarios and measures on how we could counter this double overpopulation.
Can there be enough for everyone? Or are we simply too much for this world?

Prof. Dr. Reiner Klingholz is a chemist, molecular biologist and population researcher. Until 2019, he headed the Berlin Institute for Population and Development. He is the author of several books, has also written as a journalist for DIE ZEIT and headed the science editorial department of GEO Magazine.

As part of the International Science Festival - Geist Heidelberg.

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Date: 02.11.2021

Time: 20:00


Too much for this world

Ways out of double overpopulation

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Geist Heidelberg Lecture

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