Richard Dawkins

"Do you sometimes dream you can fly like a bird? I do and I love it." (Richard Dawkins)

Flying has always fascinated mankind. Even Leonardo da Vinci wanted to emulate the birds with his flying machines. Numerous stories are about flying - from Icarus to Harry Potter to Santa Claus. In his new book Flights of Fancy (2021), Richard Dawkins explicitly addresses a young audience, but it can also be read by adults. He wants to get young people excited about scientific topics and encourage them to grow up to be self-determined people.

Richard Dawkins, born in 1941, is one of the most influential evolutionary biologists of our time. However, he achieved world fame through his loud and considerably polarizing criticism of religion.

Moderation and discussion: Daniela Wakonigg, author, journalist and deputy editor-in-chief of the Humanistischer Pressedienst.

Language: English

In the framework of the International Science Festival - Geist Heidelberg

In cooperation with the Richard Dawkins Foundation für Vernunft & Wissenschaft

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Date: 11.11.2023

Time: 20:00


Fancy for Science

Science for children and teenagers

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Geist Heidelberg Lecture


Aula der Neuen Universität

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