Richard Prum

Richard Prum was only a child when he was able to differentiate the call of a warbler from the call of a peregrine. His fascination with birdlife led him to study at Harvard University and later work in field research on courtship behavior of South-American birds. After suffering from partial hearing loss, he moved on to research feather pigmentation, the evolution of plumage, and Darwin’s theory on sexual selection.

In his new book, The Evolution of Beauty – How Darwin’s Forgotten Theory Of Mate Choice Shapes The Animal World – And Us, Richard Prum presents how aesthetic preferences in mate choices evoke the exceptionally opulence in fauna.

Richard O. Prum is a Professor for Ornithology and a trustee at the Natural History Museum at Yale University.

Language: English

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Date: 03.12.2017

Time: 17:00


The Evolution of Beauty

How Beauty was Born into Our World