Sabriye Tenberken

Tenberken’s school for blind children in Tibet is today run by its first-generation of pupils. Sabriye Tenberken has now established the Kanthari Institute in the Southern Indian region of Kerala. A global dream, Kathari provides a campus for visionaries from across the world who belong to variety of socially deprived groups. Here, they learn what they need so they are able to implement their ideas of creating a fairer world. In her book, Tenberken describes Kanthari projects which have been implemented in in Africa – projects which tackle a range of issues such as AIDS-orphans or Albinism.

Sabriye Tenberken, born in 1970, became blind at the age of 12. She studied Tibetology, Sociology and Philosophy. In 1998 she established, together with her partner, the school for blind children in Lhasa. Amongst other prizes, Tenberken has been awarded, the “Time Magazine Hero Award” and the Federal Cross of Merit for her work.

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Date: 28.10.2015

Time: 20:00


Die Traumwerkstatt von Kerala