Scenarios of the food turnaround

Our food system is suffering from the consequences of climate change and the vicious circle of profit maximisation and waste of resources. In addition, it is embedded in a questionable consumer culture in which the appreciation of our livelihoods and food is often lacking. Constant cultural criticism and reminders of ethical standards are important because they set debates in motion.
At the same time, we are facing radical changes in the area of nutrition, where no one can be left behind: An entire society needs new perspectives for a prosperous coexistence - sustainable solutions for the future are required.

But where do we start in a tightly networked system?

In the workshop, participants will discuss effective approaches to help shape local and regional food systems. The focus will be on nutrition councils as a political instrument for democratising nutrition, because:
All people eat - and more and more people are thinking about it.

Harald Lemke is a philosopher, author and director of the International Forum Gastrosophy, a transdisciplinary think tank on nutrition. He teaches at the Centre for Gastrosophy at the University of Salzburg and at the Slow Food University of Gastronomic Sciences Pollenzo (Italy). He also holds guest professorships in Kyoto and Shanghai and is co-founder of the Hamburg Nutrition Council.

Jens Flammann is a graduate economist, social entrepreneur and freelance learning designer. He has worked in business development for medium-sized companies and at the Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW). In 2018 he initiated the Rhine-Neckar Nutrition Council. Flammann deals with sustainability in the ecological, social and economic sense as well as with policy innovations in municipalities.

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Date: 21.11.2020

Time: 10:00


Harald Lemke & Jens Flammann

Unfortunately, the event has to be cancelled.