Science Busters

“71 per cent of the planet is covered with water, the small amount of accessible land consists of […] deserts, […] forests full of wild animals […] people and microbes, which don’t always wish the best for us. And that’s only the earth – the planet which is by far the most suitable for human life! The conditions on other planets are hardly any better: Venus is a sulphurous hell, Mars is rusty and Saturn […] a holiday paradise for freezer burn. […] In other words, “The universe is a terrible place”. Or, in the words of Gerhard Polt, “we won’t be going out there again.”

Theoretical physicist Professor Heinz Oberhummer, astronomer and blogger Florian Freistetter and cabaret artist Martin Puntigam explain, amongst other things, “why the universe is no petting zoo, why planets are so hard to reach and where we can sign up against extra-terrestrial bacteria.” (Science Busters, 2015)

Language: German



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Date: 19.10.2015

Time: 20:00


Martin Puntigam, Heinz Oberhummer and Florian Freistetter and the world of physics

The universe is a terrible place!