Stefano Mancuso

Plants provide us with food, energy and oxygen, and without them, we human beings could not survive on this planet. Nevertheless they have long been classed a lower-order life form. Only recently have scientists acknowledged the reality that plants have a highly developed intelligence of their own. They have access to at least 15 more senses than just the 5 which ordinary people have: they can detect electromagnetic fields, measure gravitational forces, and analyze numerous chemicals. Through their roots, they develop extensive networks which transmit sensitive information about their environment.

A better understanding of the intelligence of plants could teach us many things, for example, how to circumvent the need for pesticides, and even how to develop more efficient computers and networks - according to Stefano Mancuso, Professor at the University of Florence and international specialist in this field.


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Date: 02.12.2016

Time: 20:00


Die Intelligenz der Pflanzen