Thomas de Padova

Berlin 1914: a difficult phase in Albert Einstein’s life. His marriage to Mileva fails, Germany enters war. Colleagues such as Max Planck sign the rascist document, "Aufruf an die Kulturwelt", his friend Fritz Haber promotes the use of poisonous gas which will bring the war onto a whole new level of destruction.
Thomas de Padova shows how Einstein became a passionate pacifist whilst living in Berlin, and how, in the middle of a shattered Welt, he re-invented Physics.

Thomas de Padova, born in 1965, studied Physics and Astronomy in Bonn and in Bologna. From 1997 until 2005, he was Science Editor for the Tagesspiegel. His book, "Das Weltgeheimnis" about Kepler and Galilei was recognised as the Science book of the year in 2010. He lives in Berlin, where he works as a freelance publicist.

Language: German

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Date: 17.11.2015

Time: 20:00


Alone against gravity