Ulrich Schwarz

Natural sciences are becoming increasingly quantitative. We are becoming ever better at measuring the smallest unit of life, the biological cell. We are in the process of gaining, with the help of new experiments and mathematical modelling, an even more comprehensive understanding of the complex system that is, “the cell”. This lecture will describe what we have already learnt about the physical powers and energies, which, along with genetic and biochemical factors, influence the behaviour of human cells. Such quantitative understanding is also important if we are to recognise deviations from biological norms – deviations which cause diseases such as cancer.

Ulrich Schwarz has been a professor of at the Institute for Theoretical Physics and a member of the BioQuant Center for Quantitative Biology (BioQuant-Zentrums für quantitative Biologie) at the University of Heidelberg, since 2009.

Part of the series, “Complex Systems” (Komplexe Systeme)

Language: German

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Date: 27.10.2015

Time: 20:00


The Physics of Cells

Can biology be measured?