Eileen Furlong

When the genome was finally decoded, the public was under the impression that mankind now knew everything there was to know. Far from it. Since the decoding of DNA, revolutionary discoveries have been made, but there are still uncertainties about the exact functions and properties of the genomes.
Biologist Eileen Furlong is researching so-called enhancers, parts of the genome that regulate when certain genes are activated. Mutations in these enhancer gene regions can lead to the development of cancer cells or to malformations during embryonic development.
In her talk, she will explain the essential importance of research into enhancers.

Dr. Eileen Furlong has been working at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) Heidelberg since 2002 and has been a member of the directorate there since 2019. She has received numerous awards for her research; in 2022 she was awarded the prestigious Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Prize. Also in 2022, she was elected to the Royal Academy.

Language: English

As part of the International Science Festival - Geist Heidelberg

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Date: 07.12.2022

Time: 20:00


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