Eric Kandel

What exactly happens in our brains when we look at art? What insights do we have? What emotions do we experience? And to what extent are these the basis for empathy and creativity? In order to answer these questions, Eric Kandel delves into the Vienna in which Freud, Klimt and Schnitzler worked and lived, where exchanges were had between the most influential psychologists, artists and writers of the time. Kandel’s lecture concerns revolution, taking into account the human spirit and how man’s relationship with art has changed - a manifesto for a new field of research.

Prof. Dr. Eric Kandel, born in Vienna in 1929, is one of today’s most influential Neuroscientists. In 1939 he emigrated with his Jewish family to the United States where he studied at Harvard and in New York, where is now himself a Professor. In 2000, Kandel received the Nobel Prize for Medicine for his research.

Language: English

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Date: 17.12.2015

Time: 20:00


The Era of Enlightenment

Research into the subconcious in art, in the soul and brain, from the Wiener Moderne to today.