Harald Lesch

In the International Year of Light, Harald Lesch delivers a lecture about one of the most accepted, natural and yet questionable of phenomena - light. “Without light there would be no life”, says Lesch, reminding us of a rather obvious fact - light is something which concerns each and every one of us. But how does light come to exist? What is visible and invisible light? Are space and time irrelevant to light? What exactly is the relevance of the speed of light? Lesch will “shed light” on these and other questions.

Harald Lesch is most probably Germany’s best known Astrophysicists. In television programmes such as alpha Centauri, Leschs Kosmos or Frag den Lesch, the Professor for Physics from LMU Munich, has repeatedly proven that science can be made both entertaining and understandable for everyone.

Part of the UNESCO International Year of Light.

Language: German

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Date: 14.12.2015

Time: 20:00


Light: the crux