Immanuel Bloch

How do atoms behave collectively? Where do they evolve? Lasers and gases are used to study these basic rules. When gas atoms become cold, say minus 273 degrees, they can be used to study certain phenomena, such as quantum effects. One of the leading quantum physicists is Immanuel Bloch. His groundbreaking experiments with ultracold atoms and quantum optical systems have revolutionized our understanding of matter and physics. In the lecture, he will bring us closer to the fascinating world of quantum physics and its application in various fields such as communication, encryption and computation in an understandable way.

Prof. Dr. Immanuel Bloch, born in Fulda in 1972, is scientific director at the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics in Garching and teaches experimental physics at the LMU in Munich. In June 2023, he received the ZEISS Research Award for his fundamental work in experimental quantum simulation.

In the framework of the International Science Festival - Geist Heidelberg

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Date: 28.11.2023

Time: 20:00


From the coldest temperatures to Feynman's quantum simulator