Keimbahn Manipulation – der Gen-GAU?

The manipulation of germlines by means of genetic intervention – a scandal! Potential research findings in China have been met with everything from academic PR-gags to serious bio-ethic debate. Leading researchers are discussing the ethics of genetic manipulation whilst in England, children who have three biological parents, have already been born. Can interventions in the human germline be considered a genetic catastrophe? Or do we need to be realistic about the pragmatic possibilities and ethical limits of synthetic biology? What are the potential advantages of controlled use and preventative measures?

Language: German


Professor Claus Bartram
Doctor and human geneticist
Director of the Institute for Human Genetics, University of Heidelberg

Professor Jürgen Hescheler
Doctor and stem cell researcher
Director of the Institute for Neurophysics, University of Cologne

Professor Jochen Taupitz
Lawyer and member of the German Ethics Council (Deutscher Ethikrat)
University teaching position in Civil Law, University of Mannheim


Joachim Müller-Jung
FAZ Wissenschaft

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Date: 23.10.2015

Time: 20:00


Hescheler, Bartram, Taupitz & Müller-Jung