Keller cooks! From the simple the best

Franz Keller, one of Germany's most renowned star chefs and a master of the craft of enjoyment, will enrich Geist Heidelberg 's anniversary with culinary dedication as part of the Heidelberg Kocht! series.

Enjoy fine tastings and stories from 50 years of culinary art - a master class in enjoyment and appreciation.
Uncompromising in terms of quality, it shows how we can continue to enjoy to the fullest in the future without ruining the planet or our health.
A wake-up call for reflection on the essentials: the best of the simple.

Franz Keller learned his craft from legends such as Jean Ducloux, Paul Bocuse or Michel Guérard and was one of the first to conceive the "New German Cuisine". His restaurants were awarded several Michelin stars. Then he said goodbye to the "star circus" and since then has pursued his own culinary philosophy in his famous Adler Wirtschaft. Today, at his Falkenhof in the Wispertal, he lives his dream of cooking as a craft of enjoyment.

As part of the series Heidelberg Kocht!

As part of the International Science Festival - Geist Heidelberg

The Heidelberg Cooks! events can be purchased individually or as a combination ticket can be booked. The four events on Saturday, November 20, can also be booked at a reduced rate as a day ticket booked as a day ticket. Please note the different price levels.

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Date: 20.11.2021

Time: 20:00


Franz Keller