Open your eyes – Enlightenment?

If we consider the eye from a biological perspective, it is a rather unique organ. Together with the brain, the eye processes optic information and is thus, "our window to the world“. Notwithstanding the representative processing of images, what we see also invites interpretation. Yet, the eye itself is often used as a metaphor for knowledge, for sense and for enlightenment. The eye is an instrument with which we should be able to see the world how it really is. Is the eye therefore a key to enlightenment? How can we understand the connection between the eye and the brain? What role does the history of science play here?


Professor Klaus Bergdolt
Director of the Institute for History and Ethics, University of Cologne

Professor Hans-Peter Thier
Department of Cognitive Neurology, University of Tubingen

Professor Joachim Wittbrodt
Center for Organismal Studies, University of Heidelberg

Jörg Tröger

In Honor of the UNESCO International Year of Light

Language: German

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Date: 19.11.2015

Time: 20:00


Bergdolt, Thier, Wittbrodt & Tröger