Stephon Alexander

More than fifty years ago, jazz legend John Coltrane was already enraptured by the universe. Inspired by Albert Einstein, Coltrane had put physics and geometry at the centre of his music. This idea fascinated the physicist and jazz musician Stephon Alexander from his earliest youth.

Alexander uses jazz to show how the greatest questions of physics about the nature of the universe can be answered - and thus inspires everyone who is interested in the secrets of our universe, music and life.

Stephon Alexander is a professor of theoretical physics and a jazz musician. For him, there is a deep connection between music and the structure of the universe. The saxophonist shows how the art of finding the right analogies can help us understand the universe.

Language: English

After his lecture Stephon Alexander will be performing together with Ernie Watts from 8:00 p.m. onwards.

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Date: 02.12.2018

Time: 17:00


The Jazz of Physics

The Connection between Music and the Structure of the Universe