Update Music Therapy

Whenever people cannot communicate with language alone or are difficult to access, music is a means of choice - from promoting the development of premature babies to dealing with dementia patients.
Music promotes brain plasticity, helps people relearn speech and fine motor skills after a stroke, is effective in Parkinson's disease, against depression, regulates the circulation and reduces pain.
Music therapy can also help prevent acute problems from becoming chronic in children with disabilities, in developmental crises or with attention disorders.
An academic subject for 40 years, versatile, innovative and effective - time for an update music therapy with the latest research findings!

Prof. Lutz Neugebauer, music and psychotherapist for children and young people, Witten
Cordula Reiner-Wormit, graduate music therapist, Waghäusel
Simone Soldner-Loescher, graduate music therapist, Heidelberg
Prof. Alexander F. Wormit, Clinical Music Therapy, Heidelberg

Moderation: Jörg Tröger(SWR)

In the context of the International Science Festival - Geist Heidelberg.

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Date: 01.12.2021

Time: 20:00


When words do not help

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Geist Heidelberg In dialogue

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