Successful launch of the 9th International Science Festival – Geist Heidelberg 2019 with Sir Paul Nurse

The Nobel Laureate and Director of the Francis Crick Institute in London, Sir Paul Nurse, opened the International Science Festival – Geist Heidelberg 2019 at the DAI Heidelberg on Friday, 18 October 2019 at 8 p.m. with his lecture “Science as Revolution”.

Nurse argues that science is the longest lasting revolution and is committed to the principle of this society to base science purely on experiments, observations and well-founded evidence. In his vivid lecture, Nurse took visitors on a journey into the past of science and its global players. The results that Isaac Newton, Darwin, Pasteur or Mendel have brought to science can be regarded as pieces of a large, changeable puzzle, for “All these revolutionary changes have served as a driving force for our civilization, which will continue to benefit from them in the future.

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Pusblished: October 24, 2019