Voices on Geist Heidelberg 2022

Prof. Dr. Eckart Würzner
Patron Geist Heidelberg 2022 – Lord Mayor of Heidelberg

From the German:
Science and discourse are two of the most important cornerstones of our knowledge city Heidelberg. For 12 years now, the International Science Festival – Geist Heidelberg has combined both at the highest level. It is firmly established at the German-American Institute and fits perfectly into our knowledge-driven, discourse-friendly urban society. It is also known far beyond the borders of the region throughout Germany through its online offerings.

National and international stars from science and research discuss the most important topics of our time together with the Heidelberg audience. They range from climate change to brain research and genetic engineering. We can all look forward to lectures and discussions with experts such as Vinton Cerf, Ursel Fantz, Peter Sloterdijk and Sir Paul Nurse.

It is events like Geist Heidelberg that help us to see through confusing times. In contact with the renowned speakers at the festival, we can re-sort the enormous challenges of our time for ourselves and advance solutions together. Topics such as migration, artificial intelligence or sexual diversity are as much a part of the program as complex thinking and the protection of our forests.

We have the dedicated team at the DAI to thank for this high-quality offering. For this, many thanks and my greatest appreciation.

Dear participants of the festival, I wish you exciting insights, enriching discussions and much pleasure.

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Pusblished: August 30, 2022